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PinBroidery Christmas tree scroll pattern analysed

Christmas tree cardA couple of PinBroidery customers have contacted me because they had a problem stitching the scroll of the Christmas tree design. They are seeing each loop as a separate section and trying to stitch them individually.

Christmas tree scrollThe scroll is not separate loops, it is a very long continuous line that loops around to give the shape of the tree. The pattern includes a small diagram that illustrates this.

One advantage of having the pattern on a PDF file is that you can zoom in to the diagrams on the computer screen. If you zoom in to the finished diagram you will get to the point where you can see clearly where the individual stitches go.

corner scrollAnother way of understanding the concept of the scroll is to download the free corner scroll pattern from my prick and stitch is my craft blog. This is a simple scroll using stem stitch. The Christmas tree scroll works in a similar way to the corner scroll but the spacing of the holes is greater.

Please let me know if this explanation helps you.

How to resize a pricking pattern

The easiest way to resize a pricking pattern is to use the percentage print setting provided by the Foxit PDF reader. This is available as a free download from www.foxitsoftware.com .

If you are unable to use the Foxit PDF reader to scale your printout you could take a snapshot of your computer screen with the “PrtScrn” (print screen) key and then paste the result into an image editing program. This procedure will enable you to change the size of a pricking pattern. This demonstration uses Microsoft Windows XP together with the Microsoft Paint image editing program.
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Where to buy square double-fold cards

double fold cardDouble fold cards have three panels and two fold lines. The design is stitched on the centre panel. When the stitching is finished the right-hand panel is folded inside and fixed with card adhesive or double-sided self-adhesive tape. This hides the back of the stitching.

Designs on our sister website Form-A-Lines, fit a card size of 104 x 152 mm (4 x 6 inches). This is a standard card size that is readily available in the UK.

I have been asked by Joyce, a Form-A-Lines customer, where she can obtain square double fold cards suitable for the PinBroidery patterns in the United Kingdom. The good news is that Craft Creations manufacture 144 x 144 mm double fold cards in a wide range of colours and finishes. They are available directly from Craft Creations by mail order. They should also be available from retailers who stock Craft Creations cards.
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