3 thoughts on “Prick and stitch Christmas tree in black and red

  1. Nel Bogers

    I want to say, that I like the christmastree you made.
    Very, very nice.
    I will give you a greet compliment, many greetings from Holland,
    and a nice evening,

    Nel Bogers

  2. zoe walker

    i love this pattern. i have embroidered several trees all in various colours with beads to match the thread used. although the pattern is not one of the easiest ones i believe it is one of the prettiest and once the pattern is mastered you will be hooked.

    1. Pinbroidery admin Post author

      Thank you for your kind comment Zoe, I am please to hear that you like the pattern. As you say, it is not one of the easiest to stitch for the first time. However, once the sequence is understood it becomes straightforward.

      Pattern Designer.

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